Pare in Oxford

12 Sep

I wrote this article 1 year ago when I just knew about English structure for the first time. Here we go:

First time I heard about Pare is 5 years ago when I became a student in UIN Jakarta. At that time, I just knew that Pare is a small village in Kediri, East Java. Beside it, I also knew that there were many course places over there, especially English Course, and camps (dormitory) that be used for student to study with its English Area. I have to go there, my heart said. My dream comes true to go there, because I’ve been here, now. It’s fantastic! How happy I am!

There are a lot of opinions about the word “Pare”. I’ll explain to you, why this place is given name by “Pare”. I just hear from some resource person who I ever meet. Are you ready? 😀

  1. Pare in Javanese called panglerenan. It means place to take a rest. Why do people take a rest in Pare? In the past, there was a flood in somewhere. Some places were flood stricken. Fortunately, Pare wasn’t flood area. So, people flooded out to Pare to save their selves.
  2. If you check in Oxford Dictionary: pare /pe∂(r)/ v[T] 1~ (off/away) cut away the outer part, edge or skin of sth 2~ (back/down) gradually reduce the size or amount of sth.
  3. Most of people here believe that who is comes to Pare, it means he/she wants to reduce his/her stupidity. There are a lot of purposes why people come here: wants to be a good speaker in English/Arabic/Japanese/other languages or master of grammar, getting TOEFL/IELTS score, repairing pronunciation, practice his/her ability in speaking, memorizing some vocabularies/short expressions/idioms or just fill holiday.
  4. Pare also is the name of vegetables that its taste is bitter. It means, people who come here must be able to life suffer. They are to memorize some lessons, wake up early to brainwash with some short expression/idioms, speak English every time–not everyday–and everywhere because if they don’t do it, they will get punishment from their tutor camp. There are many kinds of punishment, such as memorize some vocabularies/short expressions with correct pronunciation, pay money, clean the bathroom, or so on.

I just mention some reasons why called Pare. I believe that there are a lot of opinions about Pare. Do you agree nor not, it doesn’t matter. Now, it’s your turn to give your comment here for me 😀


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6 responses to “Pare in Oxford

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