Unforgettable Story at S’tory

14 Mar

Last year, on November exactly, I had been in Pare which was famous with English Village. It’s the only one place in Indonesia, now, which has more than 70 courses in a village. Every holiday, that place must almost have been crowded by ‘students’. The students are not only who are young, but also old. They come from several places in Indonesia even there are from overseas.

There were many dormitories over there. One of them was the dormitory SMART has. We called SMART’s Dormitory (S’TORY). There were 5 S’TORY(s) and I chose S’TORY 4. The members were only 16 students plus 2 tutors. I am going to tell you, readers, about our togetherness there. First, let me tell you who my friends were. Here we go!

Mr. Bayu was my tutor and the head of S’TORY at that time. Actually, he ever studied at university (Airlangga University). But, he didn’t continue in the middle because of some things. His hobby was reading. Any book he read. He decided to come to Pare in 2001. Because of his hobby, he could study English well and fast. He could pass some examinations with great score. He could speak fluently with british accent which was not popular at that time in Pare.

He was mature. He would use some tricks to face a kind of problems in camp (dormitory). I remembered when one of members of S’TORY couldn’t wake up for taking a pray Subuh together, Mr. Bayu would accompany by sleeping beside him till waking up. Another case: we were surprised when we were invited him to take a walk together to the field while studying and many other cases.

He was wise. We used to play futsal 2 times a month. We played together with another members of S’TORY. Because we were many, so we had to be patient until our turn came. In this moment, Mr. Bayu showed his wisdom. He was ready to play in the last after we played. He devided our playing turn. When we would go fishing, he also devided us to be some partners.

He was smart. Like I said to you, readers, he could pass some examinations and speak up fast and fluently. He got many experiences when he worked. He had a lot of knowledge.

Mr. Joko or we used to call him with Jontor is a vice tutor. He would replace Mr. Bayu duty if Mr. Bayu got some business. Both of them were younger than me. Mr. Joko was a kind boy. He was calm and always ready if we needed some helps. He would check us whether we are fine or not.

I registered to S’TORY to him. He said that he though I was his friend. He took me to my new room. He explained to me about the rules and schedules in S’TORY 4. He introduced myself to the old members.

to be continued..


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2 responses to “Unforgettable Story at S’tory

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    9 October, 2011 at 3:10 am

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